DAY 2 – ‘Not Long Till Monday’


Having survived the madness of yesterday, we woke up tired and ready for the assault on Paisley Town Centre square to film our reaction shots to the phone conversation as Paul walks through the main square, past the statues and up the stairs!  Luckily we had help from Paul’s friend Craig – a fireman (so build like the side of a house and crazy with it) – who was also our actor for our driver scene later on in the day.

We hit the main square about 10am, in the rain, set up our shots, and just fired them out!  Not the best of weather for it but we’d rather just bosh something out than have nothing!

Paisley in the sun - which we didn't have!!

Paisley in the sun – which we didn’t have!!

Job done and hassle free…..yas yas yas yas!!!

Typical…as soon as we finished all the shots, the sun eventually comes out!!  Ahhh the wonders of the Scottish climate!  Damn you!

Next stop, the Old Mill for some nice tracking shots by the river and waterfall!  But NOooooooooo!!  There were fisherman blocking our main shots so that was out of bounds!!  HEAVY SIGH!!

Old Mill location

Old Mill location

Next, we’ll just head over to Morrison’s Car Park and get our angry driver shots – a scene in which Paul steps in front of a car, narrowly getting hit but getting an earful of torrid abuse!

Supermarket clock.

Supermarket clock.

With  the sun now out, we got rigged up and fired these out of the ball park – DONE!!    A few establishing shots later and a quick drive up to Barshaw Park for another wide shot of Paul walking up hill to the forest.

Back home for a quick rest, tea and biscuits and then off to Seedhill 5-aside football pitches for more shots.  We acquired the help from some of the boys from Renfrew Utd, to have a mock game, where I could film some of the jostling and banter.

Being astro-turf it’s the not the best idea to do running slide tackles – which Paul did, so he looks like he needs a skin graft on his right peg!! hahaha anything for the film!!



The fishermen were still at our Old Mill location, so that’s put on ice for another day – just like Paul’s leg!!

Day 2 in the can!

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