DAY 1 – Scene 1 Take 1 madness


Having shot a few Takes last night of a quick cutaway pub scene at the Bull Inn in Paisley, as a prelude to the actual week if filming, today was our official start date and what a typical Scottish start!

As most know, the first day of shooting is always awkward , as everyone involved gets used to each other and the film itself and methods of working…well we started right out if the block with a belter!!!!

Scene 1 Take 1 – rehearsal done; filming Paul giving a beggar (Ally) some spare change and a brief chat!!

Getting ready for Scene 1 Take 1

Getting ready for Scene 1 Take 1


About to press record when suddenly, “Haw yooos, whit ye’s dain” (translated as – “hey guys, what are you filming?”) we see coming over the hill, ie, across the road from their crack den, a couple of drugged up BAMS waddling with intent in our direction!

CLICK!! Camera off!! All our attention focused on our gear as we try to strongly persuade them to leave us in peace to get on with our jobs!!! NO CHANCE!!

Scene 1 Take 1 The Walking Dead.

Scene 1 Take 1 The Walking Dead.

After trying for about 10 minutes to explain to them that we’re doing a short film for no money and trying to do something with ourselves for a charitable reason and for Mental Health awareness issues….we were still getting hassled and obviously getting nowhere…..oh well!!!

Mobile out, police phoned!

Polis phoned!!

Polis phoned!!

In the meantime it was made aware that a previous film crew from a reputable TV programme, apparently, paid them 50 quid to leave them alone!! Needless to say, I told them I wouldn’t give them 50 pence!! With my steel toecaps on and my eyes fixed squarely at their gurning jaws, I was having none of it and ready for action.

Dealing with the BAMS! Unamused.

Dealing with the BAMS! Unamused.

In no short time, the police arrived, sorted out the junkie bams and we just flew through the scene and got out of Dodge!!

Scene 1 Take 1 in the can!!

We further filmed a few shots in the local corner shop then a living room scene at Paul’s before turning in for the day!!

What a start!!

The best is still to come tomorrow as we film in Paisley town centre…bring it!!

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